Recover Infected Computers and Work to Prevent Cyber Crime

By | June 1, 2017

Business owners stand to lose quite a bit of money and business if their computers are infected with ransomware. It’s vital for business owners to understand what this is, how they can recover from it, and how they can work to prevent it in the future. Understanding all of this can help the business owner protect their business from cyber crime.

What is Ransomware?

A computer that has been infected with ransomware is locked and cannot be accessed. Often, there is a notice on the computer that a ransom amount needs to be paid for the computer to be unlocked. While the computer is locked, files could be deleted or compromised and the computer itself could send the virus to other computers on the network, causing more of them to be locked.

How Can a Business Recover From This Virus?

Business owners should immediately remove the infected computer from the network and ensure the computer cannot connect to any other computers. Next, they should contact an expert for help. They should never pay the ransom, as this won’t actually help. Paying the ransom shows that the virus works and the computer will be infected over and over again as long as the person behind the virus believes they’ll receive money. The expert can completely remove the ransomware without paying the ransom and recover any deleted files.

How Can Businesses Prevent Cyber Crime?

Cyber crime is often difficult to prevent because many people don’t understand how it happens in the first place. They might be willing to open links that are from someone they know, even if the link is part of an odd message the person would never write. They might even fail to realize that opening links from an email they don’t recognize can be dangerous. Business owners will want to learn more about preventing cyber crime and will want to train their employees to reduce the chance of a virus getting on the computers.

These are just a few tips that can help a business owner that is currently impacted by ransomware or another type of virus. The important thing to remember is to prevent the spread of the virus on other business computers and to contact an expert for help immediately. Then, learn more about how to prevent cyber crime to ensure the business won’t be impacted again.